Load Cell is intended to meet the most stringent precision necessities. Accreditations have been acquired from Weights & Measures Authorities, around the world. They offer aggregate stainless steel development and complete hermetic fixing, making them suitable for utilization in the hardest modern situations. This heap cell outline, in mix with an ease self adjusting rocker get together, unites fantastic burden presentation with a position of safety diagram.


  • • Capacities: 7,5t to 300t
  • • High accuracy
  • • Total stainless steel construction
  • • Complete hermetic sealing
  • • Protection IP 68
  • • High input resistance: 1100
  • • W&M certified for 4000 intervals. (PTB: D09-99.09 Rev. 2)
  • • Calibration in mV/V
  • • Easy cable replacement
  • • Complete range of loading hardware available